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ABM-5288 Children's Battery Operated Motorbike

ABM-5288 Children's Battery Operated Motorbike

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Children's electric motorcycle ABM-5288 Battery Operated Bike Harley Davidson

ABM-5288 children's electric motorcycle is manufactured on a modern production line with high-quality black PP plastic, and the product is extremely solid, sharp, and safe for the baby. Let your baby play electric motorbikes in the early years of life to help them develop high thinking and observation ability.



Product code: ABM 5288

Vehicle weight: 17, 3 kg

Payload: 45 kg

Engine: 2 engines

Age: under 1-8 years old

Vehicle size: 121 x 56 x 68 cm

Speed: 3-12 km / h

Battery: 12v / 4 ah

Color: Blue, red, black, white

Functions: The Bike has a full range of functions such as lights, horn, music, USB slot for children to comfortably listen to music while playing the car.

Original Video Of Kids Bike Harley Davidson ABM-5288


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