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Alphabets Numbers & Shapes With Counting (Wooden Base) Educational Toy For Kids

Alphabets Numbers & Shapes With Counting (Wooden Base) Educational Toy For Kids

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This 4 in1 educational toy is the perfect tool for building hand-eye coordination in children. They will be encouraged to use their abilities of critical thinking while also learning recognition through memory. As they place every block in its position based on the images on top of the block and depressions, they will learn to identify signs, symbols, letters, and numbers.
The toy helps a child in improving their knowledge, fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

This learning toy game has 7 rows, all having different depressions and hooves to fit different parts of the game. The first 3 rows have the English alphabet present on them in a big and legible font. So as the child is placing the resembling letters in their respective places they are slowly going into their memory and they will identify them next time! 
Similarly on the rows below that are different shapes. Now, this one may be a little tricky but it only increases the fun and expands the learning curve! The child may try to fit a square in the shape of a circle but then realize that it is not a right fit. They will look closely at the shape and try to identify the shape closest to it! The 2nd last row has numbers, and similar to how they placed and learned about the English alphabet they will learn the shape of numbers from 1-10. The last row is the most fun, there are several rings that go and assemble on top of each other on the hooks provided. Here the child will understand and learn to differentiate the colors. 

battery not required  free shipping on online paymentMade In india

  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 26 Alphabets, 12 Shapes, 11 Numbers, 55 Counting Rings, 1 Wooden Board Base
  • Box Dimensions (approx): 44 cm (length) x 35 cm (width) x 6.5 cm (thickness)
  • Board Dimensions: 42 cm (length) x 33.5 cm (width) x 0.5 cm (thickness)
  • Material: Wooden Base
  • Brand: Ratna's
  • Country of Origin: India

How to use: 

Bring home this interesting educational board game as a gift for your child and let them learn through fun! 

Makes for a great gift for expecting mothers as well if you don’t know what to get them or when you have a baby shower to go to, even then, this educational toy game will be your savior. 

Bring home this multipurpose colorful Indian educational game as a gift for children up till the age of 3. This gender-neutral educational toy will make learning fun for the children and teach them about so much and get ahead of the game in schools as well!


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