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Remote Control Battle Tank 59D With 360 Degree Rotation - Assorted Colors

Remote Control Battle Tank 59D With 360 Degree Rotation - Assorted Colors

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The remote control functions of this toy tank include a wide range of exciting features to enhance the play experience:

  1. Forward/Backward: The tank can move forward and backward, allowing for easy navigation during play.

  2. Headlights: The tank is equipped with headlights that can be turned on and off, adding to the realism and creating an immersive play environment.

  3. Tank Sound: The toy tank produces simulated tank sounds, replicating the sounds of a real tank and making the play experience more engaging and authentic.

  4. Left/Right Turn in Situ: The tank can perform in-place turns, allowing for precise maneuvering and turning within a confined space.

  5. 360 Degree Rotation: The tank has the capability to rotate 360 degrees, enabling it to change direction smoothly and swiftly.

  6. Turret 300 Degree Rotation: The turret of the tank can rotate 300 degrees, providing a wide range of firing angles and enhancing the tactical aspect of the play.

  7. Infrared Shooting: The tank is equipped with infrared shooting capabilities, enabling it to simulate firing at targets during play.

  8. Tank Crawler Walking: The tank features tank crawler-style walking, which adds to the authenticity and realism of its movements.

  9. Rotating with Sweep Function: The tank can perform sweeping movements while rotating, creating dynamic and exciting play scenarios.

  10. Life Lights: The toy tank has simulated life lights, adding to its visual appeal and making it look more realistic.

  11. LED Lighting: In addition to the life lights, the tank is equipped with LED lighting, further enhancing its appearance and play value.

  12. Post-launch Boost: The tank may have a post-launch boost function that provides a burst of speed or action after performing certain actions, making the play more thrilling.

Overall, these remote control functions make the toy tank a feature-packed and engaging plaything that offers a mix of realistic movements, lights, and sounds to entertain users and provide a fun and immersive play experience.

  • Age: 6 Years and Above
  • Content: 1 Car, 1 Remote Control, 1 Charger A USB, 1 Charger B Adapter  
  • Box Dimension(approx): 37 cm(length) x 18 cm(width) x 15.5 cm(height) 
  • Product Dimension(approx): 34.5 cm(length) x 13 cm(width) x 10 cm(height) 
  • Brand: Happy Kids 
  • Material: Plastic Body with Rubber Parts 
  • Country Origin: India
  • BIS Certified 
  • Battery: For Car Uses Chargeable batteries 3.7 V Battery Required (Included), For Remote Control 2  "AA" Batteries (Not Included) 
  • The design and color of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you
  • Incase you are looking for a specific design and colour, you can reach us out via 9988778555


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