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Train World - Toy Train Set For Kids (Battery Operated) with Sound & Light

Train World - Toy Train Set For Kids (Battery Operated) with Sound & Light

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A journey by the train with wind blowing through your hair and beautiful scenery blessing your eyes peeking from the window. What a refreshing and happy time! Well we assure that your kids will be equally happy and amazed playing with the fantastic Train World set of an amazing model train, tracks and decorative trees. The battery powered train has 3 compartments: an engine, passenger compartment and a cargo compartment. The model engine is vibrantly coloured and has brilliant precise detailing. The top of the toy engine even has an LED light and produces sounds that match real train engines. The passenger coach is stunning. With awesome details in the interior as well as the exterior this model train compartment looks vintage and fabulous.

The cargo carrier has openable doors on both sides and very realistic styling. The tracks of this super fun toy for kids have a brilliant connecting mechanism. There are plastic connections that join two tracks and allow the formation of a complete circular pathway for the toy train to run on. The realistic train track allows for the model train for children to move in a very realistic manner with great pace. The train set for kids also comes with decorative trees that can be attached to the bases and be lined around the tracks to create the illusion of a real train journey. Bring home the beautiful Train World toy train set and allow the children to have a ton of fun with friends and family as they together enjoy this very fun activity for kids of building and running a model train.


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