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Trampoline For Kids (With Safety Net) - Cash on Delivery Not Available

Trampoline For Kids (With Safety Net) - Cash on Delivery Not Available

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This amazing Trampoline for kids comes with a safety net and is definitely one of the best activity for kids that we bet they will enjoy every bit of! This round shaped kids trampoline is a strong and sturdily built trampoline and is perfect for those wild kids that truly forget the world around them! This is a great exercise for kids and the small apparatus could be placed indoors too hence definitely one of the best indoor games for kids. You can also set it up in your backyard, garden anywhere and you can easily find space for it.

It comes with heavy duty springs, jumping mat, protective cover for extra safety, safety net and long sturdy rods to hold up the safety net. The colourful material around keeps the vibe lively. The safety net is stitched with a zipped door for the kids to enter and exit. This could probably be their only ‘No Adult Zone’!

Physical activity for kids is essential and highly valued especially at a young age. Trampoline is a great exercise for the legs, bones and core, develops motor skills, and balance. This might seem a very young age but it ingrains a vague concept of Newton’s Third Law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) subconsciously, at least. 

battery not required  free shipping on online paymentMade In india

  • Age: 2 years - 14 years
  • Weight: Upto 80 Kgs
  • Dimension: Frame size is approximately 140 cm 
  • Contents: 1 Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline For Kids with Safety net and Accessories, 1 Manual showing how to set-up
  • Material: Steel (Pipe), PP Cloth (Fabric), EPE (Mesh)
  • Country of Origin: India
  • The colour of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you.
  • Cash On Delivery is not available on this product. Any COD order placed will automatically be cancelled.

How To Play?

  • Assemble the trampoline using the various parts and accessories given in the box. Refer to the instruction manual and follow the steps. 

  • Entry into the trampoline for kids is through the net door. He/she has to slowly start jumping till they gain momentum. This is a physical activity for kids that develops their leg bones.

  • When the child wishes to stop or slow down the speed, he/she must decrease their intensity of jumping gradually. 

  • When one wishes to exit, one must slowly move towards the door without energetic movements to avoid being thrown up in the air. 


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