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Doctor Medical Kit Suitcase Pretend Play Toy Set For Kids

Doctor Medical Kit Suitcase Pretend Play Toy Set For Kids

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Ratnas Doctor Medical Set is the best playset that you can buy for children. The kid’s doctor kit has all the medical accessories your child will need to pretend play as a doctor. We are sure that he or she will take inspiration from this medical play box and become a great surgeon. The pretend play toy doctor set game is made in India.

When your child is bugging you to buy new toys, make sure you get educational toys for them. Not only will they play with this kids doctor set. they will learn about doctors, health and medical accessories in the kid's playset. 

The blue medical kit suitcase has a transparent cover, through which you can see the entire set of toy doctor tools. The medical accessories are organized neatly so that your child can have the best role play game as a doctor. 

This playset for kids comprises seven medical toys and one pretends to play medical chart with blank patient record's. The medical accessories are a thermometer, pincers, ear inspection tool, reflex tester, stethoscope, dental mirror and a scalpel. These are multi coloured, with various parts being red, blue and yellow. The vibrant combination makes the playset the best doctor kit for kids

battery not required  free shipping on online paymentMade In india

  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups
  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 1 Stethoscope, 1 Medical Chart, 1 Dental Mirror, 1 Scalpel, 1 Thermometer, 1 Pincers, 1 Reflex Tester, 1 Ear Inspection Tool & 1 Carry Case
  • Battery: Not required
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Brand: Ratna's
  • Box Dimensions: 30 cm (length) x 27 cm (width) x 10 cm (height)
  • Category: Doctor Playset
  • Related Category: Pretend Playset, Kitchen Playset
  • The color of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you

How to use it? 

  • The doctor set is a role-play toy where any child above the age of 3 can pretend play as a doctor. 

  • The doctor playset will help the child to level up multiple skills simultaneously. They would learn to use hand-eye coordination skills as they explore various medical accessories. It will also help them to improve their social skills. Playing with the toy doctor set would require them to engage with other children. Object recognition skills of the child will expand as they begin understanding and differentiating the many parts of the toy doctor kit.


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